Dr. Bryan Wood

Leader, Innovator, Developer, & Scientist


Scientist with 15+ years experience working at the intersection of software engineering and data science serving the defense and intelligence communities.


  1. Senior Data Scientist

    Leidos Innovation Center | 2019-Present

    Data science lead at petabyte scale leveraging machine learning and data visualization in a hybrid cloud environment.

  2. Scientific Software Developer

    Stellar Science Ltd Co | 2017-2019

    Software architect. C++, Python, Boost, and Qt expert.

  3. Chief Scientist

    Focused Support LLC | 2015-2017

    Led algorithm, data science, and machine learning capability development.

  4. Principal Systems Engineer with Honors

    Raytheon Solipsys | 2005-2015

    Technical director of R&D and principal investigator for over twenty projects.

Curated Experience

  1. National Media Exploitation Center Data Science Lead

    Applied advanced machine learning techniques to petabyte scale data lake including creation of image classifiers using transfer learning in Keras, data visualizations in Kibana, and at-scale NLP techniques with Spark MLlib.

  2. Stellar Science Product Development

    Developed functionality for a photorealistic raytracing C++ Qt5 application including adding scripting capabilities with Boost Python.

  3. Focused Support Product Development Leadership

    Developed backend services including a coordinate transformation framework and magnetic variation calculator in Java.

  4. Raytheon R&D Principal Investigator

    Managed small teams on R&D projects including a video tracker, passive tracker, particle filter, and a multiple hypothesis tracker designed in MATLAB and prototyped in C++ with Boost.